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Product Tagging & Testing
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Andromeda's Testing Capability

All our products at Andromeda are tested to Australia Standards before being dispatched to our customers.

Andromeda testing facility now ranges 1 tonne to 300 tonne with the installation of our new 300T test bed in 2019.

National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation
Member number 16960

NATA accreditation provides a means of determining, formally recognising and promoting the competence of facilities to perform specific types of testing, inspection, calibration, and other related activities.

Accreditation is distinct from certification, which focuses on an organisation's overall compliance with systems and products standards rather than technical competence. Click here to find out more on NATA.

The Tag System

The standard tags are made from 1.0mm steel, and permanently fixed by means of steel cord swaged into the ferrule. The following information is provided on each tag:

  • Manufacturers name (Andromeda),

  • size and type of the sling,

  • WLL in various applications,

  • Test number and the date of test.

Tags are permanently attached.

Testing Superflex Slings

Andromeda has become known as an Innovator in the Rigging Gear Industry in Australia, and this picture shows typical tests required when new products are being developed.

Here two XL Superflex Slings have been destructed, achieving the break load require for us to put them into production.

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