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Superflex Slings

Superflex Single Slings are used for general lifting purposes where a flexible steel sling is needed. Unless otherwise specified all slings are fitted with aluminium alloy ferrules. Steel ferrules can be supplied up to 32mm on request.
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Flat Woven Steel slings manufactured by Andromeda are very flexible as I’ve seen them basketed close to capacity around steel beams with no kinks after use. Even FSWR slings basketed under moderate loads with packing around a steel beam shall get kinks and I would not consider using wire rope slings in the same way as they would be kinked even with edge protection in use.


Rigger Bechtel - Wheatstone Project – WA

Since 1987 we have used Andromeda strops for lifting heavy equipment in the generator room and since 1989 for removing old power poles and lifting new poles in place. So in 2016 we are still using plaited strops for general rigging and to lift power poles. I would recommend to them to industrial users for general rigging and standing power poles due there secure grip durability and offer good value.


Elect/Man N.I.E. – Norfolk Island – AUS

We have personally used Superflex Slings from Andromeda Industries for almost twenty years. During this time they have provided exceptional service, longevity and reliability in trying conditions. Their construction is well suited to irregular shaped loads for both basket and choker configurations. The same can be said about the more recently introduced Flat Woven Slings. Should you be looking for a quality product that is more versatile than conventional wire rope and more robust than synthetic, we recommend Andromeda’s Superflex and Flat Woven Slings


Hulk Lifting – Port Headland – WA

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