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Andromeda Industries Rubber AG-MAT Horse Transport Rubber Ag-Mat Horse Transport Flooring Andromeda Industries Ag-Mat is especially designed for maximum comfort and grip. Our Ag-Mat helps to reduce stress and joint fatigue during transportation. Andromeda Industries Ag-Mat comes in 4 convenient widths to fit into various sized livestock transportation vehicles. It has no joins so it will completely seal the floor of your Float, Gooseneck or Truck as we can cut to length, so no curling up underneath your horse creating a dangerous or panic situation. The Hammertop surface of the Ag-Mat provides an anti-slip surface which helps prevent injury, slipping and panic during transportation. Andromeda Industries Ag-Mat is reinforced with canvas ply to strengthen and increase longevity of life. The Ply through the Ag-Mat will also increase strength of adhesion to the floor of your Float, Gooseneck or Truck should you wish to glue it to the floor using Sikaflex. Andromeda Industries Ag-Mat is vulcanized, sealed and non-porous which will completely eliminate any moisture from absorbing into or through the Mat onto the floor surface of your vehicle which can create rust. Our Ag-Mat is easy to maintain as it can be washed regularly and if sealed correctly around the edges will not let any moisture through to the floor of your Float, Gooseneck or Truck. Our Ag-Mat is simple to install as we cut to length with easy seal edges. At Andromeda Industries Rubber Division, we are committed to providing excellent service and offer competitive pricing on all of our rubber products including our Ag-Mat. We can organize delivery Australia wide with competitive quoting from various freight companies. Ag-Mat Applications: All Livestock Transport Vehicles Horse Trucks Horse Floats Goosenecks Characteristics of Ag-Mat: Greater Traction Excellent strength throughout the Ag-mat for longevity of life Injury Protection for your horse Fully vulcanized, sealed & non-porous Canvas Ply for strength and reinforcement Greater Security for your Horse during Transport Less Stress for both Horse & Owner Looks Tidy & Professional . Ag-Mat Sizes: 1650mm x 10mm - 18kg per metre 1800mm x 10mm - 20kg per metre 2000mm x 10mm - 24kg per metre 2400mm x 10mm - 28kg per metre

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Outstanding Customer Service

My new Menlo Park dressage arena is used to teach and train riders and horses that are aspiring to Olympic standards, and those who ride for pleasure. Naturally I want my arena to present a professional appearance to both existing and potential clients.

My choice of Andromeda Rubber Rails has given my arena a very neat and simple, but attractive appearance. I especially feel it is a safe environment for young horses and inexperienced riders to work in.

The fence was quick and economical to install and I am very pleased with it as are all others who have seen it and ridden in the arena. I would recommend the Andromeda Rubber Rails to anybody who wants a neat and simple, economical and safe yard.


Menlo Park, Aberdeen NSW

The hardest job at a show is to keep your show team clean and dry. This is where HOLEYBELT fits the bill to a tee. Bulls are not even tempted to dig when they are bedded down on HOLEYBELT and any water spilt or urine passed is quickly drained away through the many holes in the matting.

HOLEYBELT is very light (compared with woven tyre matting), very strong, and very easy to roll up for storage. It rolls out flat each time and is easy to peg or tie down when the cattle are on them for several days at a time. I have 4 mats 1200mm wide X 2.5m long (4ft x 8ft) which double as truck mats and show mats.

HOLEYBELT is the best matting I have ever used and I have no hesitation in recommending it, not only for its price, but also for its suitability for show cattle and horses.


Boomerang Park, QLD

We have used Andromeda Blasting Mats in our civil and Quarry work and found them strong, durable and very effective. The weave pattern allows conforming to uneven ground while allowing the gasses to escape but retain the rock fly.

They are easily lifted and placed into position with strong 13mm slings either end. The mats are a cheap form of insurance when you are blasting in built up or sensitive areas. I would recommend their use when blasting.


Stoneco Quarries - Scone NSW

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