Andromeda’s innovative products facilitate lifting operations and safety in mining and industrial environments

Andromeda Industries manufactures Superflex wire rope, flat-woven steel slings, plaited pulling cable and a range of new and recycled rubber products such as blast mats, erosion control mats, cattle and horse yards, and stable tiles, for the mining, construction and agricultural sectors.

August 22, 2017

Plaited wire rope for mining applications

Comprising a 12-strand plaited steel wire rope, Superflex features a 4 x 3 sinnet lay construction and can be manufactured in a range of diameters from 10mm to 96mm.

The reason for manufacturing a plaited wire rope is that makes for a tough set resistant highly flexible wire rope. A Superflex cable comprises 912 individual wires, making it one of the most flexible sling wire ropes on the market.

The superior flexibility of the Superflex wire rope when manufactured into a sling, strop or double-ended strop allows for easy handling at the job site and easy subsequent storage. The plaited construction enables increased gripping characteristics when used in choking applications and the flexibility means less chance of kinking and permanent set.

All slings come with a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) Test certificate and are manufactured to relevant Australian standards.

Flat-woven steel slings and terminal fittings

Our flat-woven steel slings and related terminal fittings continue to allow us to be at the forefront of safety and design in the rigging industry.

As with all Andromeda products, our flat-woven steel slings are manufactured at our factory in Moonbi, New South Wales (NSW). The strap for the slings is mechanically woven on a weaving machine designed and manufactured by Andromeda. Some slings are also handmade for special applications.

Our flat-woven steel slings are manufactured using 24 galvanised wire ropes laid in parallel (Warp) and two-wire ropes (Weft) continuously woven through. Slings are available with widths ranging from 50mm to 250mm.

The flat woven steel slings have a safety factor of 5:1 as they are a wire rope sling. We manufacture two types of sling, notably Type 1 being for cradle lift and Type 2 being for basket hitch. The UV-resistant slings are ideal for applications where damage from cutting and abrasion are a risk and as they are a wire rope sling, there is no need for mandatory quarterly inspections.

All fittings for the slings are also manufactured on-site at our Moonbi factory or by other Australian manufacturers. The slings are also available in stainless steel for applications in corrosive and underground environments.

The products are well received by the market as they minimise risk to construction workers’ lives and have a long service life.

Pulling-in cable (draw wire) for electrical applications

At Andromeda, we are continually trying to meet the demands of industry and our customers. As a result, we offer plaited wire rope or (anti-twist draw wire) for the electrical industry.

Similar to the Superflex, the plaited wire rope has a 4 x 3 plaited construction. The difference being the plaited wire is manufactured from a higher tensile 1 x 19 2070 Grade Wire. The higher tensile strength and the larger wires used provide the plaited rope with increased strength and abrasion resistance in winching applications.

The 4 x 3 Sinnet construction maintains the rotation resistance as the normal Superflex and the flexibility required to be used around winch drums and capstan winches. Our plaited rope offers enhanced flexibility, fatigue resistance and wear resistance when used in both aboveground and underground pulling applications.

Rubber blasting mats and erosion control products

Another of our specialised products manufactured at our Moonbi plant is our rubber blast mats, which are woven from conveyor belts using a specialised technique to fix the weft and warps together.

The high density and weight of rubber blasting mats are designed to absorb the energy of flying debris while releasing gas pressure.

Developed using recycled materials, they provide enhanced value and durability under normal conditions. The larger mats also have slings attached for lifting and positioning.

Along with the blast mats, Andromeda also manufactures a range of erosion control and rubber mats for the mining industry. All these items are manufactured using recycled mining conveyor belts that would otherwise be buried or sold as scrap.

Manufacture and testing capabilities

Most of the terminal fittings for Andromeda’s Superflex cable are manufactured in-house to the highest standards. Our slings are manufactured and tested to the relevant Australian standards at our workshop in NSW.

Andromeda is NATA certified and a full member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

Article courtesy of Mining Technology

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