Tailgate Mats
Tailgate Mats
Andromeda Industries

Tailgate Mats

Brand new Rubber Mats with built in cleats across the tailgate and ply embedded
into the rubber to give it strength and durability.


TG2412 2400 x 1200 26mm cleat 43 KGs  cleats across 2400 drop 1200 
TG1715 1750 x 1550 16mm cleats 30KG cleats across 1750 drop 1550 dual horse floats
TG2424 2400 x 2400 20mm cleat 57KG cleat across approx. 250mm apart
TG1221 1200 x 2100 12mm cleats 40KG   cleat across 1200 drop 2100


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