Staytight Cattle Cable
Staytight Cattle Cable
Staytight Cattle Cable
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Staytight Cattle Cable

Staytight cable is a high tensile, high quality wire strand comprised of 7 or 19 wires, depending on size. Commonly used sizes are 6.5mm and 8.5mm for holding/ receiving yards and feedlot pen construction. The 10mm can be used for more substantial abattoir pens, selling yard complexes and shade structures over the feedlot.

When used as stockyard wire it provides a heavy duty and visible barricade that does not need re-tensioning. This is a major benefit in intensively used areas such as feedlots. This characteristic also simplifies construction and so reduces cost. Extra fittings such as turnbuckles are not needed.
Because Staytight is elastic, it stretches and rebounds, instead of putting undue pressure on strainer posts when impacted by animals, vehicles or temperature changes. This beneficial property is provided by the helical shape of the wires.

  • High quality galvanised steel - 1270 Grade
  • Elastic properties
  • Economical termination method
  • Simplifies construction and reduces cost

Example of some application are Feedlot yards and pens, abattoir holding pens, flood gate suspension cable, shade structures in feedlots, barrier fences in National Parks, feed troughs.

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